Monthly Angel Energy Forecast ~ September 2013

Hi everyone! Here we are again for our monthly angel card reading for September 2013. Last days of August have been a very intense period for many of us, particularly from an emotional point of view. Their energies have been very demanding for our emotions and general wellbeing, as Archangel Raphael had told us at the beginning of the month.

This month opens up introducing gradually incoming news of new endeavors and exciting new adventures are waiting for us on the horizon. Many things are continuing to grow within our souls and many ideas, passions, dreams, which we had the time to cultivate during the summer, are starting to have less confused features. The fact that we had more time to play with them made them become much more detailed.

Many things we were familiar with and were part of our daily routines and comforting daily rituals and presences, are starting to become something we are not so comfortable with as we used to. It’s as if going back to things we did just a couple of weeks ago was like coming from a time travel and discover that those things belonged to us as we used to be eons ago. This sensation and experience may apply to many sectors of our lives: it could be something we start feeling about our jobs, relationships, friendships.

The way the angels are explaining this to me is by telling me that for many of us the beginning of this month will sound as if we went on a very strong and deep journey during which our souls were deeply and completely transformed, and they changed to such a point that when we come back we discover that people, situations, remained right where they were when we moved. Problem is that we are not.

Anyway, the angels are suggesting we don’t become nervous with those people and situations surrounding us for their inability to imagine the great changes we’ve gone through in our personal lives. Instead of asking others to understand our changes and instead of trying to push them in the direction we’re taking, let’s just be playful and allow anyone around us to follow their path freely. Even if this might mean they could be going in a completely different direction.

The second week of September is a very coherent consequence of what we’ve been talking about till now. Time to procrastinate, to use others or external circumstances as an excuse to avoid to make responsible choices, is now over. In many cases, the opportunities and new avenues we’ve been trying to build for quite some time, are not as we have seen them in our minds and are not completely mature yet. But this is the natural order of things and the beautiful sense of time in our earthly experience. And it’s the joyful part of the creative process, that one for which we grow together with our ideas and we see ourselves growing in the process of bringing our dreams and projects from our minds to the material plane.

It’s as if we were watching our creatures, whatever these might be, growing in front of us and we were, at the same time, with our hands on them, shaping them continuously and carefully. What we will be dealing with during the second week of September is the result of our commitment to try to follow the guidance we’ve been receiving and our strong decision to remove all the excuses we’ve been using to delay our missions and soul purposes from the equation.

This process of growing together with whatever it is our “creative project” is essential to strengthen our self-confidence and our ability to be more independent. This word seems to be crucial. If we want to walk towards our life missions this element is essential.

The angels are telling me that “independence” has nothing to do with an aggressive attitude exhibited in order to show others that we can walk without anyone’s approval. In fact the attitude we just described shows the opposite. The real independence we’re going to need is the one that comes from our souls’ strong awareness of the assignment we came to absolve and offer to others.

This independence walks in a very simple way and doesn’t feed itself with others’ reactions. It originates from our inner awareness and doesn’t turn back after each step to hear if others are applauding or booing.

Third week could present an opportunity for us to test this independence. In whatever form this opportunity will show up in our personal lives, the angels are asking us to be able to stand our ground in a very firm and peaceful way. We don’t need to start useless wars or battles to show that we firmly believe in what we do. This is a very funny test for many of us to show the kind of pacifist we are: the one who preaches about peace when someone or something is walking on SOMEONE ELSE’S feet, or the one who really can show and maintain peace when something or someone is walking on THEIR feet. Our firmness is not going to be proven by our loud voice sermons. Our firmness is going to be proven by our ability to walk and persist no matter what.

Last week is about taking a pause from action and about retreat. Balancing action and relaxed contemplation is a key not to forget that both components are basic ingredients when and while we are on planet earth. For some of us this part of the month could bring more clients and people who start to notice and appreciate what we do. And what the angels keep repeating (and I have to say I couldn’t agree more with them) is that this people are going to begin to notice our joy, competence (yes, we’re not exempt from that), and passion in what we do, more than being fascinated by spamming operations, begging attitudes, or attempts of manipulative seduction. After all, we’re not the only smart people in the village.

Thank you so much for being here and wishing you a wonderful month!

Smiling blessings,


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